All in one diy system

Hello Volumio lovers and diy enthousiasts.

First of all I would like to thank this community for all the information and ideas that i have found so far but allow me to introduce my challenge, or problem if you will. I am planning to build a network streamer which will be based on Volumio with a build in dac. I already have two raspberry pi’s. A raspberry pi 3 which runs Kodi and a raspberry pi 4 which runs volumio. As for now the 4 has a hifiberry digi+ which is connected to our Jbl soundbar. But I have a beautifull Marantz 1550 which is recently restored. The plan is to connect the new system to that Marantz. So here’s what I really want:

Raspberry 3 with Kodi

Raspberry 4 with volumio


Power supply

Settop box (for the tv)

Ideally all of the should be in the same case but to begin the is the problem of space. The case can not be bigger than the Marantz, because of how I (read my wife) wants it to look.

The pi4 will be connected to a dac and so far I have limited myself to these choices:

Allo boss2 (which is not in stock and not sure when it will be)

Audiophonics dac1 sabre (in terms of size is the best option)

Topping e30II which will be taken out of the case and put into the case with the rest of the equipment. In terms of connectivity this is my favourite because the pi3 with Kodi has a hifiberry digi+ and that way I can connect the hifiberry toslink out into the e30 toslink in which in its turn goes out into rca. the screen of the e30 is useless in this setup but that doesn’t bother me.

So far the power supply is my main issue. I have two mean well rs-25-5 power supply’s which I can use and will get the job done. But then there’s low noise power supply’s. From what i’ve gathered so far is that those power supply’s will be better for this kind of system and I will also need two. Is it possible to get two of these:

or these:

Or something similar and connect those to one toroidal transformer? This way I will save some space. The pi4 is a bit more power hungry than the pi3 so it needs at least 3A and the dac will need power, thru usb, too.


these are options too in which the second has my preference because of the price.

And than there is the settop box for the tv. That needs to find a place in the same case too, still trying to figure out how to power just another extra thing, and that way all the separate components will be in one case. just looks cleaner

At last there is the design. i would really like to have two on/off buttons with a led on the front of the case. For the rpi3 with kodi there is no problem to shut it down completely but the rpi4 volumio i’m not so sure of. as far as i know i will need something like a pimoroni on/off shim.
Or from audiophonics

But than i will need a power supply that delivers at least 7v
I know i am making things difficult for myself and if all fails there is always the possibilety to just build a pi4 + dac streamer/player

Any thoughts, ideas of ruggestions are very welcome.


Just remembered that for a dac the Khadas tone board is also a contender.

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I was still not sure which dac to buy but yesterday I checked on the Allo boss 2 and the expected date when it will be back is stock is just moved up for another two weeks. On the site of audiophonics that is, on the Allo site is not any additional information. That doesn’t give much hope….
But it makes the decision a bit easyer, one down three to go.

Just decided to order the Khadas tone board. In the Netherlands it’s not so easy as one would think. I need to order it from another country. Alright….yet another challenge. One site doesn’t ship to the Netherlands, another site is out of stock and so on. Than I found that the current stock isn’t renewed because the tone board isn’t made anymore apparently. Only option left is Amazon which I’m not a big fan of.

You need to look at the Tone 2 Maker Kit, price should be about the same, it is their 2nd Tone board generation.
In case you really want the 1st gen Tone Board, send me a PM.

Tone 2 is €170, that’s €60 more than the original tone board and €30 more than a topping e30 II

Not really sure if it’s worth the extra money.

some times you can find them on marktplaats ewoud :slight_smile: niet veel maar wel eens
heb me 2e daar vandaan nl :stuck_out_tongue:

I know…but I think I will have to make another choice. As the moment the Khadas tone board is too much hassle. The tone2 maker board is not worth the extra money. The audiophonics dac i-sabre es9038q2m has just become a bit more interesting. And so is the topping e30 II.

if you want one, Ge (gkkpch) is dutch so it’s eazy talking and he knows a lot :slight_smile:

He already did send me a pm

always debatable, but also caused by the price for the tone 1 dropping a lot. Still, real bargains to get now too, albeit only in some places.

True, that is debatable. I meant that it’s not worth the extra money to me. Not now.
I haven’t heard any of the dac’s, the selection I made was purely made on reviews and the score on asr. How the setup will sound in the end will be a total surprise.

The E30II is a great device :slight_smile:

From what i‘ve read and heard it is indeed. But that was my last choice, based on the space it will take in the, still to build, case.
But since a community member helped me out and a tone board is on it’s way this little device will take it’s place in my system. The power supply I ordered is already delivered. All I need now is some little things like panel mount usb and rj45 connectors. Next step is make a dummy how to fit everything into place and than the build can begin.

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That be then however Amazon (Dat wordt dan toch Amazon) :slight_smile:

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Or sos-solutions and audiophonics is also an option. Plenty of choice. I’d rather order things from within the country. Or at least from a store that doesn’t sell worldwide.

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and if sos it doesn’t have you still have kiwi-electronics

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I am still not to sure how to power of the raspberry pi. The Pi will be powered by a linear power supply. The dac, it’s going to be a Khadas tone board which is on it’s way, wil also be powered by the same power supply, or thru ether raspberry pi.
I know the pomorino on off shim can do this but it needs to sit on the pi itself.

And there’s the power management module from audiophonics

But that needs a 7 to 12 volt power supply. Mine is 5v.

What other solutions are there to completely power down the pi, with volumio on it?

not a great option, only used if you only want to power the pi without a screen

@michel8166 maybe you could advice him how to power his setup.
( you have created already many of these setup’s with a simulair dac )