Album artwork not showing in Album view

Hi there, as above, when I’m in Album view I have no artwork showing.

My music library is fairly carefully curated, it’s held on a separate NAS drive and all the albums have folder.jpg files in them, all 1400x1400 resolution scanned from their original sleeves. I just scanned my library with Perfecttunes and it’s fine.

When I click on an album to reveal all the tracks, th artwork is shown against the tracks, just not against the album.

I’ve checked various threads here but it looks like the settings options have changed over the years so some of the previous info doesn’t work with the current release. Oh, I’m running Volumio on a Raspberry Pi 4.

Many thanks for any info and suggestions.

Those album art files are likely too big.
I think there’s a file size limit, but I’ve noticed that images with too large pixel dimensions don’t work either.
I’ve standardised on 500px x 500px album art, all named folder.jpg in with the music files of each album. If I have bigger artwork, I keep that in there too, but named folder-lg.jpg.

Hi, many thanks for taking the time to respond to me on this.

So, I’ve just tried resizing one of the album art files to 500x500, saved it, reset the album art cache etc, reloaded the page and still nothing showing up in the album view.

So what is the size limit for album art files exactly? Surely someone here must know?

Is it named folder. or cover.
Those are the two used, jpg or png OK I think
A 500px x 500px jpg will be well under the file size limit (I think it’s 2 MB).

Hi, mine are all “Folder.jpg”

OK, it sounds like you’ve done everything right, I’m not sure why the images aren’t displaying.

Thanks very much for your time and effort pwstereo. Is there a way to request support on an issue like this? Plus also, I’m finding even just playing tracks from my library doesn’t seem to be working - it’s like I’m missing something here! Is there a manual on how to use this software somewhere?

It can be a bit frustrating at times. I had some difficulty at the start.
Most of my issues were to do with the tagging of my music files.
Use something like MP3Tag to check and correct the tags in your music files (even wav or flac works despite the program name). Consistency in the folder structure, file naming, and tagging will pay off in better behaviour and display of your music.
The docs are here:

Im having the same problem. ive tried:

  1. Reduce file size (use jpg)
  2. rename to folder.jpg
  3. using a new source file.

ive tried this with 3.631 and a few earlier versions, with a rpi3 and rpi5. i try resetting art cache and rebooting after each of the above, nothing works. Volumio is the buggiest SW Ive ever used. Can anyone help?

I’m having the same problem. Today I did a complete re-install of Volumio (latest version) and I think I have less album art displayed than before. I’m pretty fastidious with my tagging - and yes, I have some albums where I know my tagging is not perfect - but that’s not the issue. As one of many examples, below are screenshots of file listings (on my NAS) of two albums by the same artist: for one, I can see the album cover when I browse albums (on Volumio); for the other, I cannot. The albums were ripped in exactly the same way, using the same software, one after the other, on the same day.

I wonder if anyone reading this can guess which album cover is displayed …

I commented above you. Since then I found a way to get around the SYMPTOM of the problem but not the root cause. In my case I use the naming scheme $num(%track%,2) - %title% (same as you). Sometimes using this filename schema works fine, and other times not. If I change the file naming schema of the affected albums to %artist% - $num(%track%,2) - %title% and re-scan suddenly the album art is avaiable.

I don’t know why file name affects the album art, but for some reason it does :(. I find this annoying as I’m also pretty consitant with my tagging and naming, and this workaround messes it up. Bug for volumio team to fix. Hope my workaround also works for you.

Maybe there’s a way to change the filename of the album art that would work? If so I’d be interested to know.

Thanks for your reply. I’m away from home for the next few days; will try your fix and report early next week. I’ve begun to wonder how Volumio adds an nfs source: there may be some clues in /var/lib/mpd/music …

Adding another data point.
My filenames look like:
07 A Forest.flac
My track numbers always start at 01 (leading zeros up to 10).
I’ve not had the issue with album art described above.

I have a suspicion that it depends on whether the nas is mounted using nfs or cifs. Yet to test this.

@volumio-user I’ve not tried the naming scheme you suggested.

Similar issues, regarding display of album art, have been discussed on this thread.

The Rules Used To Find Local Artwork reassured me that I was looking in the right directories for album art and going about making it available in the right way.

I was just about to log a support request with Volumio when version 3.661 was released. While I’ve not yet done an exhaustive check, this version seems to have resolved my issues. It’s not clear from the changelog why this might be, but it is.