Album ART displays one track ahead of whats playing


Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.907
Hardware: RPI4 2GB
DAC:Topping D10

Debug Log

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Boot RPI,
  2. Tap play, if you have persistant queue on, or goto browse> playlists, find playlist tap 3 dots then tap clear and play
  3. watch and listen..... It will play track 1 and display the correct album art until 8-10 seconds before the end of the track then change to track 2's album art, finish playing the track and start to play track 2. As track 2 starts to play it changes the album art to that of track 3's. it stays displaying 1 track ahead for usually 3-4 tracks but sometimes goes on longer. but will sort itself out in the end.

If i tap pause then restart the first track it will not do it again. Only does it after a power on or restart

Additional Information

It also does this with an rpi3 b+ running 2.882
Also does this with the rpi4 and beta 3.083 clean install no plugins etc

Ive done a short video ( 1 min) of this to explain better. There is sound, my phone was wearing a pair of headphones :slight_smile: So if you know the songs you can see its not displaying the correct art or info
Play was pressed straight after restart, to shorten the video I did skip to 25 secs before the end of track ( doesnt effect the outcome)

I originally thought that this had been fixed in Volumio 3 RC1, but it seems not. This bug is still present.
It turns out this is a very specific bug… It is only certain tracks I have that trigger this.

After alot of testing It seems this bug is only triggered if queue position 1 or 2 contains an MP3 track encoded with a certain library, ( Ive narrowed it down to LAME 3.99.5 I think…haha).

But itll only happen after a cold boot or a restart. After its happen, if you press stop then select track 1 in the queue again it wont happen again.

very specific, hardly worth bothering about :slight_smile:

Oh wow, you narrowed it down :wink: That was tough

Can you send a log, maybe we see something obvious and we can fix it

hi there. after a little more testing it seems that it is mainly to do with LAME 3.99.5 encoded mp3’s and it has to be in position 2 in the queue at least.

this log is for V3 RC1, 3.114
In this it fetched and displayed the next album art cover(track2) ~25 seconds before the end of the first track, then when the track finished playing displayed track 3’s art, whilst playing track 2. Then moved on fine to track 3 and displaying track 3’s art.