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Volumio 3 Issues?

Please see: Volumio 3 issues: hints and solutions before posting a new issue.
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hello, I’m new, I have free volumio on Rpi4 with allo boss 1.2. I have a problem because airplay interrupts me terribly - both when I play from YouTube and Tidal. should I set something?

have you installed FusionDSP? If so, please disable it and test again.

and then will I be able to reinstall eq?

no there are some issues with DSP, see also:

To test, you don’t have to remove the plugin but just disable it.

I turned off DSP and airplay works. do you know how to fix it or is there another equalizer plugin?

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No there is no other EQ plugin.
We are working to try to fix this issue… We’ll let you know when something is available…

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do you know when it will be possible to fix it - within a month or, for example, a year?

volumio is extra, but if it doesn’t work, I’ll probably have to run moode audio

Today I installed volumio again and a new dsp - nothing has changed, it still freezes - you can’t use it - software failure. everything works perfectly in moode audio. but I would like to use volumio


Did you manage to solve the problem of sound stuttering and long delay when fusion dsp is running? I’m sending thanks via airplay?.
I have this problem all the time.