After OTA Update 3.611 great problem

I´m in trouble. After updating my Rivo to 3,611, my USB Harddisk is not longer found. No Tracks, no Albums, nothing. Restart or rescan does not work. Any ideas ?
Thx - Stephan

Volumio 3 Issues?

Please see: Volumio 3 issues: hints and solutions before posting a new issue.
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we’ve also were able to reproduce this problem, that pops up in some corner cases.

we’re already on top of it, sorry for the inconvenience

@Darmur . Thanks your for your support. Hope you and the team will find a solution. THX again - Stephan

I have PI 5 with 27 watt power supply and SATA 2 Tb HDD (fat 32 formated) with 12 V power supply. Volumio don’t see the HDD connected through USB. I see all music directories via FileZilla. Please write step by step what I have to change…
ANd I did not have this problem with my old PI 3. Thank you.

Currently there are some problems with V3.611 and USB not always being detected. Not a biggie just under certain circumstances. The developers are working on this as we speak.
Just be patient.

After Update on 3.616 everything works fine again. Tried different New- and Restarts and the USB HD was always found. Thanks again, good Job!

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Thanks for confirming!