Add BBC Sounds on-demand via Web Radio

A feature to enable “Play” if a BBC Sounds On-Demand URL is pasted into the Web Radio in Volumio.

Could a BBC Sounds ON-DEMAND URL address be pasted as a Web Radio if the “Play” button in the URL in the BBC Sounds is activated by Volumio ?

Also a seek bar and possibly a tracklist as the Sounds URL would show.

Installing and configuring LMS is a huge pain. Alternatively a fully functional BBC Sounds plugin.

hi pbat13,
bbc sounds is only for the people of the UK we can’t listen to it.
so testing it is not possible from outside the UK

Is there a “generic” way to to play on-demand services ? ie there must be similar on-demand web or browser based service in your and other parts of the world. When I play an on-demand show from BBC Sounds the browser player seems like a Radio URL except with a play button. I have a live stream URL for many BBC radio stations but they are obviously live. I am not a coder or web expert but I would have thought that using an on-demand URL in the volumio web radio would simply require the “play” activation - whether in BBC Sounds or other similar on-demand providers ?
thank you

under my web radio’s you could add it ( the 3 dots at the end ),
if your in the UK but outside stream will be lower quality.
what stream of sounds do you want.

i have tryed pasting a Sounds on-demand URL into the web radio and volumio returns a error - eg Radio 2 In Concert - Elton John In Concert (2001) - BBC Sounds. Apparently BBC Sounds is available in other countries via a browser How do I use BBC Sounds if I live outside the UK? | BBC Sounds.
When the above link or similar is opened in a browser the page has a play button and seek bar - could that type of page or stream be made compatible with the my web radio ?

that’s not the stream url you have to paste i’m still searching to find one
the url is coded so don’t find it on the page.

i don’t think so it plays only on the site or with iplayer inside of the UK
but you can try :

the link is for live streams - as i said, i have live stream urls. the elton john link is on-demand.

if the stream is able to be activated within a web browser then could the same be done within my web radio ?

no, this is not true normal streams yes you could add but not the dash encoded one’s.

these are the live urls i have - BBC AAC Radio Streams – Astra 2.
by activated i mean using the “play” button.

they will play till mid 2023 after that there gone.

Similar discussion on in this thread, since BBC will again make changes.

does the my web radio require a dash decoder then ? dash is open source according to bbc website

the discontinuation of streams mid 2023 seems to affect SHOUTcast devices - BBC Sounds Stop Working in 2023? Everything You Need to… |

HLS streams will still be available

The “ondemand” are no streams, so you won’t be able to use it as a radio stream.
It’s being played in a container. Volumio is not a web browser and doesn’t has this features.
I even doubt if you install “touch display” (on local display connected to the Volumio device) with the chromium browser, it will work.
But you can test it yourself. Just open a new browser (press ALT+HOME), enter the url and see how it goes.

your option worked with
big ALT + HOME

and then the bbc sounds

to return to volumio
big ALT + FN +F4 or big ALT + F4

listening to bb king on sounds…
you need a screen and pref. keyboard and mouse :slight_smile:

or install the Virtual keyboard :slight_smile: