Zones and Outputs not recognizing two devices

I have two Pi4’s on my network that both show up in the Volumio app when I open it, and I can select either and they work great. I can directly navigate to the UI using the IP addresses or the local.volumio names. But when I click the Zones and Outputs icon in the playback screen, neither have the other device listed. I can also see both devices in the My Volumio menu and have Superstar subscription.

I did a fresh install on my bedroom Pi of V3 and did an update/factory reset on my den Pi. Both are connected wirelessly to the same router with only one subnet. I had one wired to my network switch and thought that was the issue but same with both on wireless only.

This was an issue with my two Pi4 devices running Volumio 2, but the new update got me motivated to get my bedroom streamer working again. I basically stopped using it because of this issue. Would like to get this working because it used to work great 6 or 9 months ago.

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@Brent_Berkompas. I just started using Volumio and experiencing a similar issue. Were you able to get your RPI4s to appear in ‘Zones and Outputs’ on V3?

I never got the zones working. I tried fresh installs and configured my network every way I could with no success. I just think it doesn’t work.

I stopped trying because I found that when using my app on my Pixel 3a, all I have to do is press the back button on the phone while in one player interface to go back to the app page where you select the player, like when you open the app. So I just press the back button and then choose the player of my two that show up to switch players in the app. I don’t really need the synced multiroom, it was just annoying to close the app and reopen every time I switched between my zones. It probably always worked like that with the back button, but I just figured it out. I just wanted to be able to switch between my players easily. Multiroom synced playback would be cool if it gets fixed, I just don’t know how much I’ll use it.

Sorry doesn’t help with getting the multiroom working, but found a workaround for me.

@Brent_Berkompas thanks for taking the time to respond! I found the same workflow you described when troubleshooting. I have four pair of speakers on the first floor of my home. Each room has different acoustic properties. So in theory Volumio is the perfect solution for my needs using Mulit-room. I will keep investigating. Cheers!