YouTube Plugin 1.0.1 - no results displayed on search

I am using the YouTube Plugin 1.0.1 with Volumio (well, attempting to). My plugin is active, my Volumio has been restarted several times. In the plugin settings, I have setup my login info through the login and Google When I go to the YouTube tab, it displays “Fetching Data from YouTube, this may take some time” but nothing shows up. When I search any name in the search bar (such as Robert Plant), a green line runs from left to right along the top, but it never displays anything. I cannot get any connection between a search term to result in a list of anything from YouTube displaying. All I see are 4 empty folders - Activities, Subscriptions, My Playlists, and Liked Videos. All I want to be able to do is search in the top right and have it show the results so I can play the relevant content.

Is anyone else experiencing this and what do you suggest to troubleshoot? I can SSH in to the Volumio box and I am familiar with the linux command line for anything I out to try. Volumio system is really great but I would like to be able to play some music off YouTube in addition to my own library.

I have tried uninstall/reinstall of the plugin as well.

Thank you in advance for your help,

I get same results as you.

After a quick look at the logs it states:
2020-03-31T18:04:41.269Z - error: Failed to execute browseSource: Error: Daily Limit Exceeded. The quota will be reset at midnight Pacific Time (PT). You may monitor your quota usage and adjust limits in the API Console: … 9963699554

Maybe if you set up your own api project and use that key you can get around it. I might look into it later tonight

Seems like you’re stuck fighting all other users of the plugin for usage. Unless they upgrade their daily limits.

This is plausible, I am central time, so I suppose one way to confirm it would be to try it around 2am assuming it is based on pacific time and see if it works. Could someone direct me to how you are pulling the log files - I would like to confirm what my logfiles say.

But here’s my confusion about the daily limits. With version 1.01 of this plugin, it has me have Volumio get permission to access my YouTube/Google account. And so why wouldn’t it use that account for access/quota limits instead of some shared quota used by the entire install base of plugin users?

Any suggested workaround or do I need to wait for the developer to release an updated version of this plugin?


Iam also getting no results in the playlist as well as subcribed lsit.Youtube still not working properly in Volumio.PLease help. Iam usign the latest Volumio update

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