Youtube Music going HighRes?

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: RP Version: 2.917 Android Version 2.652
YouTube2 plugin 0.1.2

Hi Guys,
New to Volumio Just repurposed a Raspberry Pie with Volumio and really loving it.

I have installed the plugin for YouTube music and it’s going great but noticed.somthing with the music tracks they are showing the following information.

For bitrate information I’m seeing 48 32bit is this 48khz at 32bit or am I miss reading some thing? As YouTube does not go beyond 256kbps I understand.

@patrickkfkan i think you could anwser this for him.

YouTube2 uses the MPD plugin for playing the streams. The MPD plugin obtains bitrate / sample rate / bit-depth info from, well, MPD. MPD will in turn fetch this info from the decoder of the stream.

Sometimes the bit-depth returned by MPD is just an ‘f’, which stands for floating point. In this case, Volumio will report ‘32 bit’ (as in, ‘32-bit floating point’).

For YouTube streams, showing the bitrate (e.g. ‘160 kbps’) is probably better, but I would have to add extra code that will take up more system resources and I don’t think it’s worth doing so.

Hi Patrick,
Brilliant explaination, thank you it explains the reason why :slightly_smiling_face: . As with most things system resources become less of an issue for hardware as time goes by. Back in the day they had graphcs editors written in assembler so to be uber effecient on system resources, now no one goes there as its to much effort.

BTW love the plugin went the ‘Google YouTube API’ route.

Sadly this makes developers lazy, if you don’t need to care about optimisations, you write code which works, not code which is efficient in terms of memory/CPU usage.

But who to blame for it i don’t know, most of younger devs never have touched something like baremetal 8bit microcontrollers, so how they would know how much it matters which datatype to use or how to go throught a loop most efficient way etc, they never needed to think about that stuff.

I also installed the YouTube plugin but it only has very limited service. Do you have access to full YouTube music from Volumio?


Yes works fine, I have not not had enough time check all features.

What do you mean by limited service describe what your seeing.

But why do I need to know all that when I can just do var isEven = require('is-even'); :open_mouth: :smiley: