You lost me Volumio, I'm cancelling ( terrible Tidal)

I can no more.

Too many bugs and problems.
And the Tidal integration is horrible, it kills the Tidal experience completely.

It’s not worthy, if you gave the Tidal funtionality for free as is Spotify then I would think it’s ok. But paying for such a terrible experience from your tidal app is a No No No

Give it for free or fix it for those who pay.


I am with you but I am hoping they are working on it and this will be fixed shortly. It would be nice to hear from someone to confirm.

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Just out of curiosity, what is the issue? I have not used tidal besides the volumio but in volumio i use it daily

The new TIDAL (and QOBUZ) integration is almost done.
In fact, it’s included in the latest version of Volumio (but it’s hidden).
There is a closed alpha test, if this proves to be good enough we’ll proceed with beta test.

We will keep you posted.

BTW, when complaining about TIDAL integration in Volumo (it’s totally fair, no problem about that) it is useful if we receive comments on what actually is not good and what you would like to see improved.
This can give us hints…


are you saying you are successfully using Tidal in Volumio? If so, would you mind if I private message you? I have a million problems with it…I wonder if it is me/my system.

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I do not even know where to start…
1- the ONLY WAY I can get anything to play from Tidal is by clicking one track at a tgime and by adding it to the queue. I then go to the queue and play it from there.
2- I can not play anything directly from TIDAL. i CAN NOT ADD any album to a playlist which actually show up in my Volumio playlist.
3- sometimes when i try to play one track from queue, all tracks on queue are started at the same time with nothing coming through.
4- I usually restart volumio at least 6 times at a time trying to fix errors which show up in red error bars…“ERROR, no results.”

5- On the album menu from Tidal, none of the options on the left, play, add to queue, clear and play, etc…DO ANYTHING. I can click a million times and nothing happens. I think I have seen the add to playlist work once, progress status showing it was adding it to a playlist I created but the album never showed up in the actual playlist.
I can go on and on.

I am using wifi into raspeberry Pi4 , usb out into a Denafrips DAC. I manage Volumio with my laptop.


just updated to the latest version and now I get this message…

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Do you use a plugin such as.equalizer? If yes, remove it to fix this problem, set the correct output device and mixer and reboot.
If ok, install the plugin, enable, wait.20sec.and reboot…

I use brutefir as the only plugin. It rarely works though, usually no sound when I activate it, so it is usually off.

Thank you for the update. Keeping my fingers crossed. I am hanging in, but by the fingernails at this point.

you are welcome to do so.

What do you mean by that? Do you use last version of brutefir 3? Please give details.
No sound may come from the output format set in the plugin. Try to change it.

I tried to use Tidal today via my Volumio (Virtuoso) account and Volumio doesn’t recognise that I have a subscription to Tidal. I couldn’t correct this, despite being able to log on to the Tidal website independently.

I have to agree with Klavius that the Tidal integration is poor.

I’d much prefer using Primephonic (for classical music streaming), anyway, but this doesn’t seem to be possible via Volumio.

I feel like cancelling my £20/month subscription to Tidal and the subscription to Volumio Virtuoso at present; neither seems to be worth the money.

Maybe I am just lucky but I have not had any problems at all using TIDAL since day one with Volumio.

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I would bet a paycheck you are not using correct login creds for your account.

I have no issues either and you will loose the bet:)

here is my set up…
Raspberry Pi 4 , Volumio, usb out to external dac. Volumio used to stream Tidal only, nothing else.
Let us start with something easy…
When I go the the Tidal menu and select album, the following buttons do not work. I click them but they do not do anything. The play button on the left of the album does nothing. The Play button on the right does nothing. Add to playlist of my choice shows a progress bar indicating it is adding it but when I go to the playlist I choose, it does not show up. Clean and Play sometimes work. Add to queue sometimes work.

The Tidal implementation is very poor compared to the tidal app. A rebuild will be nice. But it does work in my case, very difficult to navigate

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I can understand all those issues can be frustrating, but as Michelangelo mentioned new TIDAL and QOBUZ integration is almost done.

just be patient for a little bit more :wink:

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I will Darmur. I am eagerly awaiting.