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I set up a new Zero W with Volumio yesterday, and it’s working well. Before I get to my question, a side comment. I spent a bit of time last year getting Volumio to work on the Pi Zero and then the Pi Zero W. While I got close (I think) and learned a bit about editing config files and the like, I don’t have much skill or knowledge in that direction, and didn’t easily find the advice I needed online, though there was some. Perhaps not many people are putting Volumio onto these particular models. In the end, after several days’ worth of tinkering, I cut my losses and bought an ethernet adapter, and it was well worth the small expense. If you’re at all likely to get more than one Zero, or to set one up for a friend, it should justify the cost and may save you many hours of experimenting. It allows you to connect wirelessly from another device on your network to the Pi Zero W (or Pi Zero with wifi dongle attached), and then make the necessary settings for your router so that subsequent logins with the Pi don’t go through the hotspot.

One small hitch I had yesterday was that a script blocker in my web browser fouled the process for showing Volumio on the computer, so you may need to make sure that if you’re using a blocker, you set it to allow the IP for your Pi.

So back to my question. The one thing that eludes me with all my Volumio Pi’s, including model 3B, is that I can’t send files over wifi from my Mac to the USB HDD attached to the Pi. I can send files to the internal micro SD card without problems, but storage space is limited. I have a Kodi Pi, and can send to the HDD for that without problems. How come it’s different for Volumio? I am not looking to do any streaming; at this point I really do prefer to have an HDD physically attached. I would imagine that my problem is not unusual, but I can’t find information on it. There is no option for me just to assign read and write privileges: if I check the info for the folder, it simply says “You have custom access” and there is no setting available to change in that window. This one’s had me stumped for months, but it really seems it should require a simple adjustment to fix it.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Computer OS: Mac OS 10.12.6
Pi: Zero W x 1, model 2B x 1, latest version of Volumio (released late Dec. 2017)

Make your HDD a samba share?

Thanks. I’ll give it a try, if I can work out how to do it.