Yet another Ikea project

You can say whatever you like about Ikea but it’s truly a source for inspirations and ideas :smiley:
Products you need and a saw.jpg
A small amp and Rpi with a Hifiberry clone behind plexi.jpg
The Ikea Volumio stereo.jpg

Lol, I knew there must be SOME reason for going to Ikea :slight_smile:

Except from “Old man daycare center” shops with a lot of tools , I don’t have much against Ikea, the best part is leaving the shop with a stomach full of meatballs, new ideas and a feeling in the body that they haven’t done all in their power to take all my money.

Over the years Ikea have had many pure wood products that I have modified, some successfuly and some failling

I think this projekt was pretty successful , the player I will keep and probably convert the speaker boxes back to flowerpotts (the sound was not so good !! :astonished: )

Yes, I like the hexagonal housing. I might even look out for that one next time my wife “pursuades” me to visit IKea.