yet another DIYINHK sabre ES9023 DAC with RasPi

Just want to share another successful RasPi Volumio project with Sabre ES9023 DAC (DIYINHK version). I installed the SMD 3x5 Oscillator Crystal 50MHz and connect jumper FB1, connect the i2S to P5 following Tjaekel’s schematic, put all in the small box and powered it up using a battery power bank… happy man I am…, really nice warm sound… :sunglasses: :laughing: The hardest thing to do is actually setup the NAS library from my Synology NAS, for whatever reason you cannot use a normal user and password, but must use guest with no password and replace the mount flag parameter with “guest,sec=ntlm” only. Tks a lot Michaelangelo for the great work. :smiley:



Hey, that’s great. I picked up one of these and the 32 bit dac too.

I guess you had to install your own clock? Where did you get the clock from?

How does it sound?

Sounds great with my Tripath TA2020 amp and Wharfedale Crystal loudspeakers.
You can buy the oscillator clock from Farnell, 50MHz or 49.152MHz does not matter in asynchronous mode.

50Mhz one: … 5-00001621
49.152MHz one: … 5-00001621

Or you can buy the latest flavor-of-the-year 49.152MHz oscillator from the same folks that supply the ESS DAC above. If you ask them nicely they’ll even solder the XO to the board for you before shipping - it’s only 2.5mm x1.5mm. Nice folks, DIYINHK.

Their 5V power supply, while not cheap, does offer a step up in sound quality as well - it comes with two rails so you can power the Pi and ESS DAC separately, no need to use the Pi’s noisy power. Source a decent 2x6V toroidal transformer and you have a server/DAC to rival units selling for orders of magnitude more.

I use a decent 2.1A 15000 mAH power bank that commonly used to charge your phone on the go.
Will the battery provide cleaner power or a very good regulator like TPS7A4700 used by DIYINHK is better?

Now there’s a good question!

If you’re happy wth the battery I’d stick with it. I’ve tried an SLA battery and the DIYINHK PS and couldn’t really say there was a significant difference. Haven’t tried the Lithium batteries that I believe come in those 15k mAh packs but there’s lots of debate as to the sound of different Lithium batteries.

Have you tried the battery vs a 5V SMPS? Or any other kind of mains-connected PS? What was your opinion?