Yellow ray and more...

I’m having problems, I can not get Volumio started when I burn a new SD. I connected an HDMI monitor and a keyboard to see what could be happening.
I see a yellow ray to the right of the screen that appears from time to time, I guess it will indicate the status of the power. What does each color indicate if so?
He asks me for user and pass, I put volume / volumio and enters programming mode and does nothing else.
In fact I do not see Volumio in the network either.
Any ideas?


Hi Daniel,
i guess.
you are using the RPI3 with volumio 2.310.
Do you see the volumio hotspot SSID?
if yes, connect to the hotspot. then volumio webui should start automaticaly or type in the browser ‘volumio.local’
Than in volumio webui you can see also the network LAN adress when connected. if so, you can type the ip as bowser URL.
hope that helps.