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Is it possible to have XMBC installed to your image as well ? I would like to use this image for movies and audio as well.
I have cambridge dacmagic 100 and raspberry pi ver b. I was going to buy a mediaplayer and use spdif output to the dacmagic. I believe raspberry pi will be even better.

Amazing work on volumio ! Thank you for it.


I found a relatively easy howto to install XBMC on top of any Debian derivative like Volumio.
I explained it here:

It works well.

I don’t believe it should be included by default, however. It consumes a lot of system ressources that may (or may not, depending on how you use it) lower sound quality.
Mostly, having CPU always above 20%, and reserving 128MB or RAM for the GPU are the main issues, I believe.


I now have xbmc working really well after playing about with it for years. I now use openelec.

I am moving into a new build house in a few months with more rooms. My mind turned to multiroom support and this project seems good.

Ideally, instead of starting a fresh build is there any chance that an xbmc add-on could be created? Xsqueeze it’s an xbmc add-on for squeezebox. Openelec + vomumio wills be the holy frail in my opinion.

Congrats on the project. I look forward to playing with it.

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Why is it using cpu while not playing?

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