Xbox one rc works, Apple doesn't


I have my rasberry pi running volumio (latest patch level) and successfully have been using an Xbox one remote control which gives me some basic control like volume up and down, next/previous track and pause. Volume control in particular is important to me as my ancient Mission Cyrus One amplifier wouldn’t recognise anything as modern as a remote control, even if it wanted to. :slight_smile:
Recently I acquired an Apple A1294 remote control and my understanding was that I just had to make use of the appropriate driver as listed under ‘plugins, installed plugins, IR remote control 3.4.7, settings, select profile’.
At least that was the only thing I had to do when making the Xbox rc work.
Sadly the Apple rc doesn’t do anything. There are two versions listed under plugins: Apple Remote A1294 and Apple A1294 Alternative. Tried both but no luck. Does anyone know what the difference is between these two?
The rc itself tested ok, so the problem must be with the driver configuration.
Any help is highly appreciated.



P.S. I also had access to an Apple A1156 rc, which is the previous model. Again no success with the listed appropriate driver, with the exception that the alternative version did work the play/stop function remotely.