X86 screen rotate problem

Volumio 3 Issues?

Hi dear friends, i have been using celeron J4105B for volumo for a long time. As far as dsd is conserned Pc better than pi and tinker for me. I wanted to make a player with 1980x480 screen but i havent turnend to landscape it on pc. It is working portrait 😕 I have added pettyscreensaver pluggin in but, i have to have touch display plugin for its work but i haven’t still found it.

Additional notes:

My pc has 120gb ssd and i imagezed volumio pc version by win32 disk

Imager. Pc not included windows

This plugin is not available for x86.

thanks :slight_smile:

petty meter or touch screen not important for me now i must turn to landscape from portrait my screen dear friends. I hope one dach we will have a pettyscreen saver for x86 :smiley:

i have a few ideas that i first pushed to gvolt if it could work but x86 is not my field i’m on rpi user.
and the guy that we could ask isn’t on the form any more, i don’t know who to ask any more.

to make it worse, I believe this depends on the installation of a desktop environment. I have no clue what will break by doing that.

Maybe this might give some insight:

pi4 is more expensive than celeron j4105 mini itx pc in turkey P(Pi4 4000TL Celeron j4105B 2000tl). and Ihad use pi and tinker, their performans cant close performans of pc. So i must turn to landscap my screen. I am sure some people will help me :slight_smile:

My best sbc was cubox 4x4 and after i wasnt be happy after the cubox. so ı decided to make with pc and ıt ıs better than all sbc
for me.

To get a first idea please post the output of

xrandr --display :0 --query

Don’t think that will give any reply, as you need the a GUI environment for it. I expect it will return something like can’t open display.

Do we need to rotate the screen for the openbox session in x86??

Yes I need it. I have an image on the screen but it looks portrait. ıwant to turn to 90 degrres landscape

Was for gvolt :slight_smile:

Did you try the command given by gvolt?

doesnt workresim_2022-03-31_195919

just try this : xrandr

will give the same result. the only thin loaded is a kiosk in openbox. I havent found any command to rotate chromium app. (besides ctrl+alt+arrow on a full blown desktop machine)

It’s a permission problem. Try using sudo:

sudo xrandr --display :0 --query

we have tried all of them but ıt doesnt rotate .I think screen has a problem.

No this screen has no problem, the issue is with the usage. You bought a portrait mode screen for a linux distro without a desktop on a x-86 machine. if you are able to get a pi, you can set the screen rotation in the boot files.

but ı dont understand why can’t ıt rotate. we tired all of code on its…