X86 Hardware issues (WiFi, DAC, Disks, Boot etc.)

Seen a lot of x86 configurations, but never seen this sound card combination
I’ll think of something, but time is running out for today.

You noticed, I moved your posts. Anything that reeks of x86-specific issues, report them in this thread please.
If it is general Volumio, I can always move it.

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Ok :+1:

Just to be clear, the problem of the failed installation on an external HDD and the issue of the (apparently) two audio cards with the same name pertain to two different machines. I’m remarking just to avoid confusion… :slightly_smiling_face:

Thats ok, the issues are not related

Ok, I managed to install Volumio on the external HDD. I cleaned the partition table with this command:

sudo wipefs -a /dev/sdc
/dev/sdc: 8 bytes were erased at offset 0x00000200 (gpt): 45 46 49 20 50 41 52 54
/dev/sdc: 8 bytes were erased at offset 0xe8e0db5600 (gpt): 45 46 49 20 50 41 52 54
/dev/sdc: 2 bytes were erased at offset 0x000001fe (PMBR): 55 aa
/dev/sdc: calling ioctl to re-read partition table: Successo

Yeah, perfect approach

Dear chsims1, dear gkkpch,
with regards to my mini PC with ALC5651 audio chip I sent extra email.
My machine: Mini PC AZW Z83 II 2GB RAM, 32GB eMMC HD, Quad-Core Atom x5-Z8350, Realtek ALC5651 audio chip, OS on eMMC.
My other, new, topics seems to be also x86-related:
Yesterday I updated my machine from 3.083 beta to 3.114 beta: Sound is ok, similar to what I already experienced with 3.083: sound only via headphone Jack and after the fresh installation the sound stops after a few seconds but after a shutdown from within Volumio and a restart with the PC knob, the audio output is fine!
WLAN doesn’t work (no change), but LAN does the job.
However, now, there seems to be a problem with my 1 TB SSD FAT32 (with about 500 GB of MP3 music) attached via external USB 3.0.
I tested in the evening and heard perhaps a dozens songs and everything seemed to be fine. Next day: music database broken, only few of the music subfolders left.
Re-reading of the database didn’t succeeded, after less then 1,000 artists, process ends with a non-reacting PC and I had to force restart.

Log report after forced re-start: http://logs.volumio.org/volumiobuster/5XNzAOZ.html.

That means for the moment: back to 3.083 beta (that worked quite good to me), I fear. Or to you think the changes from 3.111 to 3.114 made the problems?

Kind regards, Trollpferd

The list shows Analog, SPDIF and HDMI

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Yes, sure.

Good, because the profile is there, but the log shows, the ALC898 is not initialised like we do for other ALC codecs. Simple fix to test, when OK, I’ll add it to the build.
Will post instructons here the next few days

Added to the todo list, not sure about audio though. Had reports that headphone/lineout was ok.
Your initial WiFi error (missing firmware) disappeared, have not checked whether WLAN hotspot was enabled

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I’m wondering, could it be that the hyphen in [HD-Audio Generic] name is erroneously recognized as a special regex or jolly char and breaks the process of audio devices identification? Just a stupid idea…

no, it is more likely that the “HDA-Audio Generic” was only configured once based on one particular configuration request.
With x86 it is not like a PI or Tinkerboard, there are soooo many different configurations we would need to take care off.
There will never be a guarantee from us, that we can take care of all of them.

Hi, I think I switched off WLAN …
With regards to the USB HD/library problem: I switched back from 3.114 to 3.111 and, so far, it seems to work again … Setting up the library (=import of the mp3’s on the FAT32 1 TB SSD) wasn’t a problem at all. Apart from that, as written earlier, I needed to restart after the initial start of Volumio to avoid stuttering of sound. In this case, with 3.111, the sound stuttered, and even when I pressed “Pause”, playing went on after a small interruption … as with earlier versions, a restart helped.

Device: ThinkPad T430 - volumio PC version
Version: 3.114
Issue: I try to install volumio pc version on 320 GB hard-drive but it is going on error, on 160 GB hard-drive no problem, all ok.
Debug log link:
are there any limits on hard-drive capability ?
thanks nico

Could you edit script /usr/local/bin/volumio_hda_intel_tweak.sh and change the line

    "Realtek ALC892")


    "Realtek ALC892"|"Realtek ALC898")

then reboot and check?
(You need sudo nano to edit)

Could you run the following script for me and post the outpout?

for card in /sys/class/sound/card*; do
  cardno=$(cat $card/number)
  chip=$(amixer -c $cardno info | grep "Mixer name" | awk -F": " '{print (substr($2, 2, length($2) - 2))}')
  echo "Internal card name:" $(cat /proc/asound/cards | grep "$(cat $card/number) \[$(cat $card/id)" | awk -F" - " '{print $2}')
  echo "Internal codec name:" $chip

Here it is:

volumio@volumioss:~$ ./gkkpch.sh
Internal card name: HD-Audio Generic
Internal codec name: ATI R6xx HDMI
Internal card name: HD-Audio Generic
Internal codec name: Realtek ALC1220

Thanks for your quick reply.
Perhaps also

aplay -c 0
aplay -c 1

I will probably find a working solution, both cards will then show the same subdevices, as the cards have the same card name.
The first card only has HDMI support (probably on HDMI 0), Analog and SPDIF will be shown but won’t work.
Similar story for the second one, it will have Analog out and SPDIF support, HDMI 0-3 will also be shown but won’t work.
This is not ideal, but given the fact we have not seen such a rare config for the last 6 years, a complete redesign of soundcard parsing is not justified for one single user, hope you understand.

Once I have the output of the above commands I will make a suggestion for editing and testing.
When it is OK, it will be implemented in one of the next releases.

Thanks to you for taking care of such a rare issue. It is enough to have all the options available, duplicates don’t matter.

The first command returned an error, the second one never returned until I pressed Ctrl+C. Shall I wait longer?

volumio@volumioss:~$ aplay -c 0
aplay: main:608: value 0 for channels is invalid
volumio@volumioss:~$ aplay -c 1
^CAborted by signal Interrupt…

ah my mistake

amixer -c 0
amixer -c 1