X86 dsd512 Pi4 dsd512


İ have celeron j4105 with volumio x86 and it can play dsd512 and 256 without problem. But pi4 cant play dsd512 and 256. Both devices use the same setup.

Woukd you mind telling us which DAC you are referring to?

It is klipsch sixes’s usb dac.

Klipsches are using xmos usb interfaces and they are supported on both platforms…in theory.
PI usb has not exactly been receiving medals, but thought PI 4 was ok with stuttering.
Try different ports, perhaps disable wifi as wifi <-> usb 3.0 are not playing nice either.

I solved this problem. Klipsch sixes cant play dsd256 and 512 on pi4 , i tried to play them with es9028pro and xmos, pi4 works perfect. Thanks for answer and attention