Wrong track playing in Tidal

Tidal in Volumino doesn’t play the selected track, it plays the track below it, and sometimes it’s three tracks down. It plays fine through Tidal Connect, but I thought the sound might be better playing through native Volumino.


I see this behavior, too.

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Same here

Jepp, there is a bug in Volumio iOS app, seen it multiple times, but not always.
Please also highlight current track playing in playlist if you fix this bug as well…
Please also fix the clear screen with white background before showing synched screen when switching apps; make this white clear screen blink for 0.5sec black. Its very annoying in evening/night time to get a white blitz flash when switching back to the Volumio App…
Agree, the Volumio native Tidal has better SQ than Tidal Connect, thats nice! :slight_smile:
Device is Rivo.


I’m having the problem with a Macbook Pro, and the Android app on a Samsung S23.

This playing through a RIVO

I have the same problem… the same happens With both Mac / pc and phone