Writing files to USB drive connected to Pi (remotely, from same network)

Hi, I have Pi4 with latest Volumio. Have a USB stick connected to it with audio files.
If I need to add new content, I have to remove the stick, copy files to it, and stick it back in.

Is there a way to get to it without touching it? Like put files onto the USB stick plugged into my Pi4 from a computer on the network?


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use winscp …but after uploading them you have to update or rescan in sources.


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sure it is possible. You can do it directly from files explorer in window, linux iOS.
see Audio Sources - Volumio Documentation at the bottom

oh cool, what about on a Mac?

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I don’t use it but : Connecting to SMB shares with Mac OS X - College of Agriculture IT | Montana State University
should help


what’s the username and password here?

I can SSH into it no problem. But same credentials not working for SMB?

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@Ken_Sky You can use ‘volumio’ as a registered user with pwd ‘volumio’.

not working (says wrong password).
I can access it as guest, but it only gets me to /USB and it’s not writable (I can see it but can’t even open it to browse).
I don’t have a windows machine handy (will bring one from work tonight to test), but I was able to login to it from an android phone (through an smb client) with those credentials. I can access the directory (smb:// and there I can see all the right directories - NAS, USB etc. I can open and browse the USB directory, but was not able to copy files to it (like it’s read only).

I also modified the smb config to:

path = /media/500
guest ok = yes
browseable = yes
writeable = yes

but nothing changed.
Also, my USB is formatted to exfat, which I read somewhere may be read-only under Pi. So I’ll try an ntfs stick, which Volumio seems to have good drivers for.

I can also browse the directory through ssh:

Screen Shot 2021-09-21 at 11.16.47 AM

But yea, weird.

with windows it’s with winscp just drag and drop way eazier. fat 32 is better to use

winscp doesn’t even have an option for SMB connections…

but can you actually get into a directory?

was i talking about smb nope i was talking about the usb and yes you can get in all
sftp as protocol, your pi’s ip with port 22, name:volumio password:volumio

usb you will find in the folder media

You can mount you usb-stick conneted to volumio as a network drive, so it appears as a folder in finder


I’m a PC guy, you would need to search for how to do that on Mac

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Try this - Mount Volumio across network to Mac - #11 by domchocolate

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On Windows, you can access it by typing \Volumio\usb in the file explorer. The path should be the same on Mac, although maybe the \ at the beginning is specific to Windows. In that case you would need to find out how MacOS points to the local network.

Edit: it should be a double back slash, but the forum is deleting the second one.