Writing basic Plugin with no settings, nor activation needs

(posted initially as a github issue, but more relevant here)
I’m trying to build a plugin that merely consists of install.sh and uninstall.sh (plus other mandatory files, but just dummy).

The “issue” is that it once properly installed, plugin UI listing comes-up with buttons (ON/OFF & Settings) which are not really relevant in such case.
Is it possible to make a plugin which will just show-up in the plugin list as a placeholder, but with only uninstall button, and no ON/OFF nor Settings buttons?

Any magic in package.json file for instance to hide those unused features?
This could serve to install some custom drivers, or packages like Kodi (like @Saiyato is doing), etc…

Thanks for any tip.

Aye, not needing to turn things on/off could prove helpful in some cases. :slight_smile:

Kodi is maybe a bad example since I’m trying to configure it in a way that it ‘could’ come in handy (because I’m making some parameters configurable).
But I get where you are going and I think suppressing these options could make thing less complicated for a lot of people. :wink: