Write protection for SD for safe power cuts

Just saw this post at adafruit:


I think it would be a good idea to add this option to Volumio.org if possible… This way the less tech minded people can power down a pi in the same way the power down an Amp.

Volumio does not need this: the system runs on RAM, and SD Card is written only when saving settings

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Thnx, I use a powerbank that cuts the power to all appliances (cd player, gramophone, little lamp) and volumio pi when I power off the Amp.
so far I always needed to shutdown the pi before switch off the Amp.
But no longer!
Thnx again for this info.

Just tested your statement. That is not true.
Volumio version: volumio-2.389-2018-03-26-pi
IQaudIO Digi+

Turned off the power for RPi3(Volumio 2.389) without shutting down Volumio from Web interface.

Volumio is not accessible anymore. I guess I have to write SD card again. This issue is not solved :frowning:

anymore clarity on this?

At Moode they say that:

There is a recipe for running moOde under the overlayfs read-only file system which IIRC works but has not been reproduced and tested by others.
The main drawback to RAM / read-only mode’s for OS’s is that you have to go through hoops and revert to read-write mode every time a setting or option is changed, then revert back to read-only mode. IMO it’s a convenience killer plus added complexity without a matching compensating benefit.

Then Volumio obviously implemented it with a bit more sense😀.
I think you might be mixing squashfs (read-only) and overlayfs.
The overlay filesystem allows you to dynamically create a filesystem (overlay) with a read-only squash filesystem and a writable data part without “going through loops”.
The overlay is re-created at every boot start before Volumio is started up, for Volumio it is a normal read-write system.