Wooden Music Box

Hi guys,
i just finished my Wooden Music Box powered by Volumino! First of all: please don’t kill me for the PSU I’ll replace it some day. :smiley: Plus this is my first diy project!
It mainly consists of Raspberry Pi, Sabre es9023 DAC, XMOS USB to I2S PCB, MausberryCircuits Power-off switch and some crappy PSU.



Very cool, nice work!
I would love to build something like this someday. But i’ll need to work on my electronics and woodwork!

Very very nice, good work okok!

great job! and I don’t mind how you solved the power supply problem, I’m thinking about doing the same.

I see you used a Power Off switch from Mausberrycircuits, I was thinking about that too, and I wonder if you ran into any kind of problem getting it to work, or if it was an Out-of-the-box kind of job.

Always keep building!


Thank you all!

The Poweroff-Switch doesn’t work right now, but michelangelo tries to fix it in the next Volumino Version.

Nice work :wink:

Could you tell me more about the XMOS USB to I2S PCB ?
It is which component on the picture and the I2S output is connected to which component?

Sorry I’m new in the community and I discover all…