WiSA: Wireless Speakers & Audio standard


Today I tried to find some information about WiSA, the Wireless Speakers and Audio standard that seems to be picking up with expensive HiFi equipment. I couldn’t find anything open source, but maybe it is my lack of knowledge.

Best background link I found:

I have been wondering for a while if one could build integrated Amp+Hat+Pi directly inside a passive box, and then send the audio signal to it; duplicating the hardware for stereo audio.

Today I discovered that Buchardt have created exactly this in their A500 boxes, and they use this WiSA standard for communicating the audio signal from a hub to the boxes; but the price is quite high, and DIY would be an interesting alternative. However, I couldn’t find any project related to WiSA on Linux yet. Maybe anyone here knows more?

Greetings, and cannot stop without sharing how happy we are with the Volumio, we use it almost every day to listen to music at amazing quality,