Wireless tactile revolving volume/play control

I was wondering if anyone has come across an inexpensive tactile wireless volume control for the RPI volumios out there. So you can sit in your favourite chair with the control beside you, yes I know you can use your tablet [i do] or phone etc but was just curious. Does the IR plugins do something along this way or are they just for on/off

You can use a ir remote for almost everything. Playlists could be a challenge but once you have selected an album you can use it basically the same as a CD / Radio player

Have you looked at WiFi remote for Volumio based on ESP32 and OLED? It might be exactly what you are looking for?

It’s a pity the NuimoControl has been discontinued - it was the right blend of simplicity and ergonomics IMO!

Yes the nuimo wasa good looker. I will have a play with a few IR players thanks

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Considering one can still get a Nuimo Control, does it works with Volumio?


Hi - was anything useful found out about physical controllers?