Wireless driver compatibility list renewed for Volumio 3 / Kernel 5.10?


With Volumio 3 using Kernel 5.10 (as of 3.198 if not mistaken), lots of wifi adapter stopped working.
Between commercial names, revision evolution, … and real chips inside = needed drivers, i am personnaly lost into what dongle I can safely buy.

  1. Would it be possible to restart a topic on “Working Wifi USB dongle with Volumio 3 kernel 5.10” ? Or have the list of drivers supported in the kernel ?
  2. Or have the possibility to buy a working one from the Volumio store ?

(whatever is needed to avoid the hassle of checking which chipset is supported out of the box, buying, discovering there was a new revision of the same dongle, revision uses a different chipset, not compatible, and so on)

Thanks in advance and have a nice day

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Yea I agree :+1: I’m stuck on 3.175 can’t update to any new versions

My WIFI dongle is TP Link T.-WN725N v1

Ok, then…Who ever has a “Volumio 3 > .175 release with kernel 5.10” and a wifi dongle working “out of the box”, please share the company/product name/revision!
[don’t know how to make this visible to all people, maybe the admin could help?]

Have a nice day

A TP-Link Archer T2U stopped working.

Replaced with an ASUS USB-AC51 which works fine.


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Thank you very much. At least it gives us 1 verified option.
Thanks again and have a nice day

As per your suggestion, i bought the ASUS USB-AC51. Worked fine Out of the Box on Volumio 3.233.
Thanks again

I just bought this one and it’s working with 3.233

On my side, with ASUS USB AC51, it only works once and after i have reconnection issue (after a restart, wifi doesn’t restart).
Maybe a Volumio 3.233 issue, bug report here http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/wc4XBw4.html
Bug while no wireless working -after reboot- http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/oknMfan.html
(no such issue with this machine and
Volumio 2.9 and old wifi dongle that is not compatible with Volumio 3
Volumio 3.173 and old wifi dongle compatible with 3.173 but not > 3.173 i.e. 3.233)

Have a nice day and thank Mp0wer

mtk7601 works stably on Volumio-3.236

With latest Volumio 3.324, i have no more Wifi issue using Asus USB AC51, this on 2 Raspberry/Volumio devices.
Have a nice day

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Can you confirm what maximum transfer speed do you get with this dongle (USUS USB-AC51)? I was using an Edimax EX-7612UAn with Volumio 2. This once provided 150Mbs, then fell to 72Mbs with Volumio 3 update.
I am hoping to find a dongle that supports 150Mbs again.

Will check when back home in a few days / a week the speed.
Will do so from the web UI display unless you have a command you would like to suggest to get more details


Thanks for this.


Here is the screenshot.Volumio-Wireless-Speed

Have a nice day

Wow! that’s nice and fast. Looks like I will buy this dongle.
Thanks for finding this out

Hello, I bought this dongle and I am using the latest version of volumio 3. Performance is more like 72Mb/s close to the router. Are you using the latest version of volumio. What type of PI are you using?

I am using the latest= 3.324
Raspberry Pi is Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (but don’t know if B or B+)
My router is providing me 2 signals, 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz. I was connected to the 5Ghz when i did the screenshot. I get less speed when connected to the 2.4Ghz.
I got 2 of the same box (Raspberry Pi 3, Volumio 3.324, ASUS USB-AC51): 1 located just 1 room across the router, open door. The screenshot was sent from this one.
Another Pi located 1 room & 1 corridor + door mostly closed across the router, dongle not in light of sight of the router, behind the metallic box of the Pi= reception is not as good, much lower speed. I am considering a USB cable to bring the dongle in front of the Pi metallic box.
I get lower speed when all the family on streaming their stuffs.
That’s my experience. Hope that helps a bit

2.4 is over crowed and 5 ghz always gives you a higher speed.
Extending the usb cable can increase the speed.

Quick check for you, comparing 2.4Ghz (“Stable” moniker) and 5Ghz 2minutes apart, for the Raspberry closer to the router. Same conditions of connection for people around the house
[you can see that, for the hardware & same IP, speed change from 195Mb to 117Mb between my 2 posts. Not a trick on my part, just what it is today]

Thank you to everyone for contributing and helping me to solve my issue with some clues that you provided. The first trick was to realise that I needed to ensure my router had separate SSID identifications for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. I then found I could see both separately on Volumio. I logged on to GHz and tweaked router settings. The performance is now over 200Mb/s, even peaking at over 400Mb/s. Admittedly I am very close to the router, but at least I have gained access to the higher speeds possible with the ASUS dongle. Thank you all.