Wireless card for my nuc6i7kyk

i have trouble getting network connection for my volumio on intel nuc nuc6i7kyk
both LAN and wifi is not able to connect with the following error

Error while restarting wireless: Error:
Command Failed: sudo /bin/systemctl
restart wireless.service Job for
wireless.service failed. See 'systemctl
status wireless.service’ and 'journalctl
-xn’ for details.

i simply assume it was the network card issue or incompatible driver.
i then bought a usb wireless dongle as recommend from the volumio list. the tplink ac600… but the problem is still there… any idea?

does it really driver issue? if so how do i install the driver?

Would you share a full log please?
Ideally from a fresh reboot, after reproduction of the problem.

Thanks for responding… how do i get the report log from the system itself… as i cannot access it from network ( lan or wifi ) so I can’t go to the link /dev… any other way?

ok, a step back then, are you using the dongle because the internal wireless was not recognized?

Yeah because of the error i assume my internal wifi and lan is not detected so then I purchase one from compatibility list…

there is a simpler solution, try this Volumio 3 beta version it has drivers for all known nic’s and wifi dongles.
Functionality, except some cosmetics, is equal and better than Volumio 2.
Plus: Intel NUCs are fully covered, including a fast copy to internal disk when needed.

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Really?? This is good news… gonna give a shot… Thanks a million :clap::clap::clap:

Hey… just came back to tell you it working really well… THANK YOU :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

There is some speed bumps but I managed…

Its now had hotspot… previously no hotspot at all… but when searching for wifi ap it found nothing… and in setting there is no wifi detected as well…

What i did was turn off hotspot from system screen via hdmi and after it restart some process i manage to get my wifi ap detected in the network setting… yay…

Some other issue i faced now is that there is no plugin detected… any idea?

this is an issue with the wireless chip set, there is not much we can do.
Some don’t allow to be used as a hotspot and scan the network at the same time.
Luckily you can connect a keyboard and display.
Go to settings/network and disable the hotspot and save.
This should restart your network in normal wifi mode.
It takes a few seconds, be patient.
After that you should be able to select the wireless access point you wish to connect to.

As to the other issue, yes, Volumio 3 does not have any plugins, work is in progress.
Any specific need for a plugin?

yeah i did exactly that… can see my AP right away… no need to wait… thumbs up…

i am thankfull enough at least to get volumio working on my NUC… was using pi4 but found laggy… so far i love how this perform on my NUC…

as for plugin i was using spotify and tidal last time… its a good to have… not urgent… i play mostly on my local flac…

will Volumio3 come with EQ or DSP tools?

same ones from Volumio 2, as from @balbuze expertise

assuming this one?

safe to give a shot now? :grimacing: hehe

Hello! Don’t use it with Volumio Buster it won’t work… Instead use : volumio-plugins/plugins/audio_interface/Parameq4Volumio at alsa_modular · balbuze/volumio-plugins · GitHub
Or For FIR volumio-plugins/plugins/audio_interface/Dsp4Volumio at alsa_modular · balbuze/volumio-plugins · GitHub
Both based on CamillaDsp

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balbuze’s brutefir plugin won’t work on Volumio 3 yet, that is why I said “work in progress”.
Just hold on, it’ll come before we finalise the beta, but no date yet.

He was faster, but I believe you got the gist, btw. plugins are not supported with the beta image, so don’t ask for support!

awesome… thanks for pointing this out… will give shot…

yeah… thanks a lot guys… really appreciate it…