Wire and AWG wire, Pin Pitch size

Customizing GPIO wire for the Raspberry Pi to the RemotePi board.
I don’t know if i got the wrong size wire and AWG female/male Crimp Pins

what size wire do i need and what size female/male pin patches to create GPIO wires

First find correct pins for the header, then calculate the wire size needed from current requirements of your circuit, then take the correct size pin to fit the wire chosen.

I think pi did use the standard 2.54 pitch header?

But to be honest, i would just order the wires from ebay or so, because it’s most likely cheaper and if you don’t have good crimp tools it’s also very time consuming to assembly those yourself.

what is the smallest wire awg size and Volts to use on the raspberry pi

As Joni said, you need to calculate based on what you are doing.

The Pi uses the 2.54mm pitch that fits the standard Dupont connectors.
Which can range from #20#28. Look up how much current you are planning to draw and pick one.

I normally use 0.50mm^2 (20AWG) for power. It’s overkill, and should be good for up to 5A, but it is just what is lying around…

What do you mean? It’s a 5V device.


Would 28 awg Solid Wire TUOFENG 28 awg Solid Wire-Solid Wire Kit-6 Different Colored 50 Feet spools 28 Gauge Jumper Wire -Hook up Wire Kit - - Amazon.com work on raspberry pi. I see that the solid wire would be easier to work with.

also I had bought some jumper wires Solderless Ribbon Jumper Wires Amazon.com: GenBasic 40 Piece Female to Female Jumper Wires (4 Inch) : Electronics
and later i got some silicon wire. just now, i held both ends side by side and noticed the silicon is thicker. so i think i go down to 28AWG for connect the remotePi board to the Raspberry Pi 4. The way i have it all set up, i just need to customized the wire.

I’ve got a generic crimp clip set from China complete with tool but haven’t had good luck with it. I believe part of the problem I’ve experienced is to do with the solid core wire I’ve been using.
When crimping the connector on there are some small pins that should pierce the cable shielding but that does not happen cause there’s no give from the core. And when first stripping the wire, the female ends tend do let loose when pushed on to a male pin header.

0.5mm2 should be fine 0.2 should also be fine but isn’t easier to work with.

I bought this wire here https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01KQ2NURG?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details a few weeks ago, and these https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0897KGG59?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details .The two wings on the pins that crimps around the insulation of the wire, i placed the 26 awg wire in its place and then crimp the wings on the pin around the insulation of the wire.
The insulation of the silicon of the wire is a bit too thick. i think 28 silicon wire works and plus silicon holds up better, I watched a video about that.