Windows 11 PC, folder sharing to Volumio

I have been trying to share a windows folder in volumio using smb.
I have the correct local ip adress of my pc, folder path, username and password but it just won’t let me share the folder, which makes me frustrated because I was hoping to jump from Roon to Volumio.

I get this error:

I really like volumio but if local folder sharing doesn’t work, I might as well go back to Roon.

Please help me solve this.

have you tried typing in / not \ as you have?

mine had to be \\nas/FLAC Music - so you may have to play around until you find the right ones for your system

Here is a guide that maybe can give you som hints, even if it was written for Win10 and Volumio 2.x.

on my windows machine i created an ordinary user called volumio

on volumio i connect via cifs using the the credentials for the volumio user created on the windows machine.

I’ll try that. Thanks.

That’s something to try. Thanks.

I did follow that guide, to no avail. But thanks anyway.