Windows 10 - mount error

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I’m a MacOS guy and have been using Volumio for years. I’m now trying to help a friend set it up (I’m connecting remotely into his Windows 10 machine using Team Viewer. The RPi is up and running and I can connect to the RPi’s webUI, but I can’t get the drive to mount and would appreciate some guidance.

This is what I’ve tried

IP Address:
Path: Chris/Music/EAC this is a folder on his PC’s HD where Chris is his user area/name
Share Type: gifs
Username: Chris
Password: what he tells me it is
Options: ro,noatime,sec=ntlmv2

Is there anything obviously wrong with this? I know the path would be correct for a Mac, but maybe it’s not correct a PC. Should it be C:\Users\CHRIS\Music|EAC? Back slashes or forward slashes?


Indeed backslashes but also you need to specify the cifs version of at least 2.1 if a recall correctly (so add vers=2.1 into the comma seperated list of options).

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Thank you. So we should try:

Path: C:\Users\CHRIS\Music\EAC
Options: ro,noatime,sec=ntlmv2,vers=2.1


I’ll report back.

First of all create a Share of “C:\Users\CHRIS\Music” for user Chris

I’m not sure of your options but vers=2.1 or vers=2.0 maybe necessary


How do we create a Share of “C:\Users\CHRIS\Music” in windows?

Do I right click and select “Share with”? If so, then what?

Welcome to the beautiful world of Windows :laughing:

Browse to C:\User\Chris
Right click on the mapp “Music”

OK. That’s sort of where I got to, but the “Specific Person” will be the Pi.

I just assumed that the username is “Chris”
But you can pick any user or “Everyone” if you like and then click “Add” and “Share”

Also assume that the selected user is given a password

Many thanks. I’ll give it a go when he next contacts me to connect.