willing to pay for Dirac live

Is there anyone else that would consider very valuable a Dirac Live functionality within MyVolumio?
Several streamers (e.g BluOS from Nad) are now embedding Dirac, with appreciated results.
Are there any technical constraints to develop Dirac Live within MyVolumio for Raspberry pi platform?

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Noted! Thanks for your hint!

Dirac Audio Processor (DAP) uses VST2 or VST3 plugin interface.
Once this is supported, you can use Dirac

Ok so when can we expect a myVolumio “Virtuosissimo” pay plan with Dirac Live included?

Dirac you buy separately, that’s ~300 euros for stereo AFAIK (I bought around 4 years ago)

There are two pieces of Dirac:

  • Dirac Live - the measurement suite to create filters
  • DAP Processor - you add to your playback app as VST plugin, and it will be somewhere chained in the DSP. Currently these are JRiver that supports natively, and foobar2000

is there any possible updates on if this will happen


This would be so cool :sunglasses:

I’m in

Out of my comfort zone here, but have you guys tried Balbuze’s Brutfir plugin?

Is there an update on this…would be a very desirable option in my opinion

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