Will not connect to wifi

I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 B. I downloaded the img file; connected via ethernet and am able to connect to Volumio set up; however, when I attempt to connect to the wifi, Volumio simply says connecting, but never does. I then reflashed the card; and connected without ethernet cable, via the Volumio hotspot. I was again sent to the set up screens; this time, I again attempted network set up; entered my password; and Volumio stated it would connect via the local wifi upon restart. I fininshed the set up screens, pressed done; and nothing. Volumio never connected to the wifi; and I could not pull it back up via volumio.local. It does not appear anywhere. I have repeated this process several times without success. Should this not be a seamless process? Any help would be appreciated!

That sounds like a router problem. Is it possible that your router has an option NOT to connect to unknown devices by WiFi? I’m german and my AVM Router has the possibility to deny all unknown WiFi Devices.


Most likely your wifi did not configure correctly. I’ve had this issue too with the newer images. If the wifi is configured wrongly, for example a typo in the password, Volumio will keep trying to connect to the network, even though this fails, and does not start the hotspot. It then becomes unreachable. I’ve mentioned this in another topic.

The solution: put the SD-card in your PC/laptop and edit the wifi configuration in ‘wpa_supplicant.conf’ (found in ‘etc/wpa_supplicant’)