Will max volume 20% decrease quality?

I just got a Allo Boss and hooked it up.
My NAD 3130 stereo amp volume control is really sensitive and I was wondering if I set my max volume in volumio to 20% and turn up my stereo amp volume will I lose any quality?

I prefer to have my NAD volume at around 12oclock because it is connected to my AV pre outs and needs extra volume to match the rest of my 5.1 speakers…

If I would mistakingly play my Pi + Allo Boss at 12oclock my speakers and ears would die.

Edit: maybe max 30… Some songs are quite quiet

The Allo Boss has hardware volume control, so as long as you leave that, you will not loose SQ.
Do not set volume control to “Software”, as that will degrade SQ.

Thank you! I will leave it like that…
Is there any chance it will change it self, I’m so worried about blowing my speakers

You can set a maximum volume level in ‘Playback Options.’

Thanks, I already have.
I was just wondering if this feature works well.
It will never turn it self of on reboot or update will it?
My speakers and ears are all relying on the max volume to always work!
I just wanted to know I can trust it 100%

For example, every time I go into my Spotify settings ( not on volumio) the settings switch back and I have to change them back…
If something like that happens with the volumio max volume even once it’ll be very bad