Will it work on Rasperry and Volumio?

Will it work on Raspberry and Volumio?
What do you think?

Hard to tell. Thingy supports Windows/Android and MAC. Doesn’t mention anything about Linux.

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Maybe it works as a USB mouse. Normally all mouse device work fine on Linux, Windows


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you mean this one :slight_smile:


I tried one of these, recently on my RPi based Volumio systems, with the hope it might be recognized. Unfortunately, straight out of the box, Volumio does not recognize it. It would take some programming to make it work. I’m guessing it wouldn’t take a lot, but I haven’t delved into any Volumio add-in programming as yet.

I do think it would be a great idea to support these volume controls - they’re inexpensive, very solidly built, and they work really well, at least on the Windows side of things, but for now, no, it’s not going to work for you.

Actually I was looking for a knob with joypad functions to complement the touch display and I came across this article… then I found another one with a circular display inside a fully programmable knob.

I got this same one on amazon and it worked straight out of the box for me after a reboot. Just make certain it is plugged in before you power on. Oh and use the hardware volume knob selection in volumio.