Will be available airplay again in the future update?

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2834
Hardware: Raspberry 3



When did Airplay stop working? I’m on 2.777 and it works fine.
(without Airplay Volumio would be rather pointless…)

It’s a very long time that airplay is not available on my Volumio… i use the free version, i don’t know if this is the reason! otherwise where can I look for!
Recently i don’t ha ve the possibility to update… it’s only a problem of mine? Thanks

Maybe just try a clean install?

I had a similar issue with Airplay disappearing after an old update. I tried a few things in this thread, but the only thing that fixed it for me was doing a reset and setting things up again. It’s been working fine for months since then.

SOLVED: I reset from scratch all work now again!
Thanks to All!