Wifi stopped working in 2.411 (x86)

Thanks a lot for this great project!
It saved my streaming needs via DAC when upgrading to the Apple TV 4K :slight_smile:

I might have come over a bug:
After upgrading my box to 2.411 with an OTA upgrade it suddenly was not reachable on the network.
Tonight I took it out of the stereo closet and connected it to the wired network. It is not dead.

Although the wireless network switch in the UI was disabled. If i try to enable it nothing happens, and if I go back and forth to another screen in the UI it is back to disabled.
I guess something might be wrong with networking modules or drivers.

This is running on a x86 box: Intel NUC DN2820FYK (with WLAN Intel Wireless-N 7260)

Here is the log: logs.volumio.org/volumio/hLcDBaj.html

I just have to run it wired for the time being.

Yes, that has been confirmed.
Please try x86 version 2.419, the download link is here