WiFi refuses to connect

Any idea how to add wifi adapter to the USB port? Been screwing around with putty and I can’t get the driver into it. It’s a Brostrend AC650 adapter.

Wow this thing is unbelievable. Now it no longer connects or finds wifi on both the current and prior version of Volumio. I can do the initial setup, put in the wifi PW, select Next then it disappears. I go start Volumio and it just searches endlessly. I’ve never had more difficulty with a computer ever in my life. It should not be this difficult.

try hooking up the rPi to eth0 (network cable).
Connect a hdmi monitor to the output closet to the power input. to see if it displays a ip address.
maybe you should manually configure the WL adapter. (I had this once)
Download advanced ip scanner to see if you are able to find it.
No clue what is happening, but this is at least a weird thing.

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Won’t work on WiFi. Period. No matter what I do. It’s working on the ethernet which I’m fine with, however how does one control it with the iPad app or android phone? It just keeps searching

Sounds like there is something wrong in your network setup. Seems that your WiFi is on a different subnet than your wired network.
As your mobile devices should connect without issues with your copper network, if you connect your mobile devices through WiFi.

Are you using a dongle? Or the onboard WiFi?

There’s no problems having volumio wired and control from a smartphone or iPad on WiFi on the same network

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On board. I was trying to setup a single but couldn’t get it to work. It connects fine for setup then it just disappears and that’s it.

The strange thing is the wifi was fine for the past 3 weeks. I’ve had a awful time with getting any stability out of Volumio and I must have erased that SD card 100 times. Every time I would turn it on it would either not find the player or it loses the Digione Signature and I have to enabled and disable the DAC every power cycle. It’s absolutely brutal. You should be able to turn on and off a computer without having to reprogram it. Now it’s the wifi on-top of all the other problems

Im just not understanding the wifi issue. Clearly it works as the apps see the Volumio for setup. Then once it transfers to the home wifi it’s gone, never to return

Are you on 5Ghz? Which country?

2.4 and 5 are enabled and always have been. I’m in Canada

To confirm again, this happens on the onboard WiFi, and not the Brostrend adapter?

Would you be willing to debug further?
Please perform a fresh reboot
– Add a cable to the network
– Try setting up the Wifi as usual.
– When it disappears, send us a full debug log

I reckon it’s either a channel/region issue, or if it’s on the wifi adapter, some driver issues.

I would but how do I send a debug log when I can’t log into it after it disappears?

Can you use SSH?
Then log in and execute

sudo journalctl -p 7 > /boot/wifi-logfile.txt

Goto a windows machine and post the wifi-log.txt here.
Either attached or copied in, in the latter case, formatted please with a ``` line in front and after.

Not from volumio side atleast, but router might isolate these as separate networks, ive seen this possibility with many routers/modems and it might be enabled by default.

Just something to be aware of.

Everything appears to finally be running good under the new version and a wired connection. I’m able to connect with both Apple and Android and a laptop. However I still have the very annoying issue of losing the Signature player when turning it off. I have enable then disable the DAC in order for the Signature one to show up everytime I turn it on.

I am using a raspberry pi 3 a raspberry 4 and raspberry pi zero w yes it is always difficult to connect to your wifi at first boot us PC or Laptop windows or linux open a browser
Look on your pull down list of your wifi it should come up with volumio click on it
Put in the login volumio password volumio or volumio2 not sure but it work for me
The interface will open in the browsers so you can then configure it as you go a long if going to use wifi add your password into your own wifi virgin media etc you should be done
All raspberry 3 / 4 with dac works fine the zero pi use raspiaudio hat add to mini amplifier but still works fine. Remember it take full 5min to connect your network look it up dropdown wifi list after 5mins .
Hope this helps you out . Default IP /
Volumio own network.