Wifi or Ethernet?


It’s only 24h that I received the Piano DAC and Kali reclocker combo and I’m blown away with the sound it provides. Besides, using the iFI power supply really sounds superb!

My question is: would it be better to use wifi connectivity or ethernet cable? It should be considered that ethernet cable (cat6) is not connected directly to the router but to a PLC (power line) adaptor.

Pros on PLC are that gigabit LAN is directly connected. Main drawback could be the noise injected because of using the power line installation. On the other hand, wifi connectivity shows only 7,2Mb/s.


That’s really a tough question, since Kali + Piano + iFi is a tricky configuration to understand noise injection…
I can’t answer, but I’ll try to do some oscilloscope tests to find traces of ripple or noise

Thanks for the answer michellangelo.

I haven’t noticed audible differences so far. Please, do Let me know if you get some insights with the oscilloscope.