Wifi not working on v2.0 with CanaKit dongle

I’ve been running v1.5 for a while with no problems. Installed 2.041 today. I can connect with a wired connection, but not wireless. Here are the details.

Power up with wifi and ethernet cable connected. I look in my router to find the DHCP address Volumio pulled, then log in with that address and go to the network settings to configure a static address for ethernet and wifi. Reboot. I can connect using the ethernet IP address, and the blue light on my CanaKit dongle is lit. I can ping the wifi address. But when I disconnect the ethernet cable, I can no longer ping the wifi address and I can’t connect to the system using that address. I plug the ethernet cable back in and I can connect again. So I go to the menu and shut down, then disconnect the ethernet cable and power cycle. Now the light on the CanaKit never comes on and I can’t ping Volumio at all. (I allow several minutes to boot up.) Basically, if the ethernet cable is connected when the unit boots, I can connect. If not, I can’t.

I know not all wifi adapters are supported, and I’d suspect the CanaKit is one that isn’t if I hadn’t used it successfully on an older version. Has something changed on v2.0?

Think I figured it out. I changed the wifi connection in Volumio back to DHCP and reboot and now everything works. I think I had to do the same on the old version, it had just been awhile and I forgot all about it.

Can anyone tell me why this works?