Wifi dongle on RPi3 Volumio2 Hifiberry-amp


Volumio2 running on RPi2 wired internet runs without any problem.

But can anybody help me setup Volumio2 on RPi3 with Hifiberry-amp?

RPi3 has Wifi build in, but can’t set this up. I did try to use a wifi-dongle but also a nogo.

What do i have to do to make the wifi (build in or dongle) run on volumio2 RPi3?

PS: is it possible to make the sleep function bigger? Now i can start the music at differrent times, but at only 1 given time to stop.

Wi-fi integrated on pi3 works out of the box. What is your problem?

I think that since you’re using the amp, maybe you’re short of power from the PSU…

Did fresh install on SD.

first wired connection to setup all the network things. Works fine.

power off, exit wire, going wifi, nothing…

power on amp is 12V DC 600mA.

don’t know what is wrong…

Have the same problem. Can see volumio wifi and configure volumio to connect to my home network. However, only a very weak signal (1 bar) showing. After a reboot, RPi3 sees the home wifi and tries to connect to it, however fails, most likely due to weak signal. Debug:

  1. placing RPi3 closer to the home router makes Volumio to work as intended.
  2. switching the home network off (and leaving the RPi3 in the original place) makes the Volumio network to appear once again
  3. leaving RPi3 in place, but switching the volumio SD for the newest OSMC SD: everything works fine, WiFi connection to the home network included

So for me the problem is, most likely, too weak wifi signal when using Volumio (compared to using OSMC).
HW Configuration: RPi3 + HifiBerry DAC+, internal WiFi

SW1: Volumio 2
kernel 4.4.9-v7+ #884 SMP
wlan0: power management off
long (11s kernel + 1 min userspace) boot due to “A start job is running for LSB: raise network interfaces” (mainly)
cfg80211 changes the regulatory domain during the boot
brcmfmac: reports “No SDIO Drive strength init done for chip 43430 rev 1”

SW2: OSMC 09.16
kernel 4.4.16-6-osmc #1 SMP PREMEPT
wlan0: power management on
short (3.4s kernel + 18s userspace) boot
cfg80211 does not change the regulatory domain during the boot (‘iw reg get’ returns “country 00: DFS-UNSET”)
brcmfmac: does not report anything unusual

Forgoto to add: 3A power adapter, so power is not the problem (OSMC + Kodi works well even when a USB HDD is connected)

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Nice overview.
The extra time on kernel boot for Volumio can be explained. It is mainly caused by processing our own initrd.
It is part of the volumio initialisation (mounting a squashfs filesystem and creating an overlayfs with the data partition) and needs to be done. It guarantees minimum wear on your SD cards during the usage of Volumio over time.


Thanks for explaining the kernel wait. However, that does not solve the problem with bad wifi reception (compared to exactly the same setup with OSMC/KODI). What’s the culprit? Older kernel compared to OSMC? Different firmware? For what I need I would very much prefer Volumio, unfortunately, due to bad WiFi signal, I’m forced to used OSMC/KODI instead, which is less that ideal :frowning:

I would say that Volumio uses just the internal Wi-fi of the pi3, not the dongle.
Can you paste the output of

sudo ifconfig -a 


today, i had the time to work on the wifi problem.

and yes, Michelangelo, i added some more power… 600mA was not enough to power rpi and hiffiberryamp. a 2A did the trick!!

now all works fine.

Wifi on the rpi3 is indeed out of the box. just wired setup and go.

Thanx for this nice player!


new to the board, not so new to Volumio, and reviving this thread since I seem to have a similar issue as honza.

I have a pi3 with HiFiBerry DAC. Using the internal wifi on the pi, I can never get more than a single bar for signal strength from my router, and I frequently (as in multiple times a day) lose the connection between the pi and the router.

Does anybody know if a USB wifi dongle would improve things? If spending an extra $15-$20 on one would solve this issue then it’s money well spent, but I’d like to have some idea before ordering one if it will help.


The internal wifi on the RPi3 has been reported in a number of places to be rather low on performance. You also have to be careful about shielding it with a case (especially metal) or other things in proximity. Is the wifi signal from your router strong at the RPi? Is it possible that you could borrow a wifi dongle from someone to test? If you do have a low signal near your RPi, you may wish to consider a wifi adapter with a “proper” antenna to maximise the signal reception.

Thanks chsims. Yeah, I opted for the fancy all-metal case from HiFiBerry for my build; on hindsight maybe not the smartest move. I get only a single bar on the pi, but my laptop shows 4-5 bars at the same position. It’s only about 15 feet away from the router, but I guess the combination of metal case and poor built-in wifi on the pi3 is enough to degrade it. I don’t know of anyone in the area from whom I can borrow a usb wifi, but I’ll probably just order one from amazon and send it back if it doesn’t help.