WiFi dongle for RPI 2B

Volumio 3.152
I have this working on my PI2B and now want to add a WiFi dongle.
Does anyone have a recommendation that will ‘work out of the box’ ?

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I’m looking for the same solution.

Did you find something?

Hello ,
Ive tested a lot of Wlan USB-Sticks and the only one , that is working out of the Box , is the TP-Link AC 600 Archer T2UH . Its hard to get , because it isn`t produced anymore .
Asus USB-AC51 AC600 is working too but only sometimes .

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Did you have to unable the onboard wifi?

Right Now I’m looking for some sort of guidance into forcing my USB dongle as the main wifi or making sure that the wlan1 (dongle) is the one being used. the Volumio interface does not make it clear on which one is being used.

The Pi is @ a location that needs a boosted phisical antenna.

No, not in Volumio, internal WiFi seems to be disabled automaticly.
In rAudio you need to disable internal WiFi

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