wifi configuration

Configuring wifi connection from Volumio Volumio require to be first ethernet connected or having a keyboard and a screen connected. So I thought it could be cool having a file, lets say wifi.conf place on the root (or anywhere) of the sd card that you fill just after you wrote Volumio image with good wifi parameters (essid, passwd etc) so that when you first start, Volumio will connect to your home wifi network.
The process :
Download Volumio image
Write it on the sd card
Mount the sd card
Write the wifi parameters in the file (ie wifi.conf)
Put the card in the device (RPI or other)
Power it and you are connected !
finish configuration via web ui or ssh or sound@home
that it :smiley:
maybe this had already be suggered…

Take a look a woutervanwijk.nl/pimusicbox/

The Pi Musicbox works also with a settings-file for all kinds of settings.
You put the SD-card in a PC and you can edit your Wifi, raspi password, mpd settings etc.

Works really nice!


The feature would be nice to have on Volumio though. No need to recommend a different project… =] I think this could be accomplished by editing /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf and then having wifi start automatically (not sure how to do that yet, my USB wifi won’t be here for a few days).

The entry in wpa_supplicant.conf would look like:

	psk="very secret passphrase"
	ssid="second ssid"
	psk="very secret passphrase"

Is this something like what you’re looking for?

Yes I think something like this would be great. It has to be easily understandable, I mean no complex syntax but with explicit keywords.

I believe it would be better and at least a bit more secure if the WIFI would be used as a AD-HOC connection.

Then Volumio Rand a USB WIFI adapter send out an (open) network for configuration options until its been edited not to do this.
Thus Volumio would be the host of the wireless network, and you as user connect to it and setup Volumio and its wifi.
You could even decide to keep it open as a different wifi network just for remote controlling, for example at party’s and using a cable to connect it to the Internet.