WIFI card not detect

First let me tell you what the configuration is
Volumio version 2.873
Hardware: foxconn brazos at-5570
vifi card intel centrino wireless-N 2200.
My problem is that I found no wifi network.
When I do enable SSH and with the help of the putty program I access volumio and type the following command dmesg | grep -i wifi
there he shows me what the wifi card is.
I’ll post a picture to see what I think.
Please help

Would you share the system log please?

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How to make system log file.

Click on the link in:

Would you share the system log please?

and follow the guidance.

maybe like this.

Have you tried going to ‘Network’ in settings, and turning on ‘Wireless Network’? At the moment, your wifi is broadcasting the Volumio hotspot.

I turned off the hotspot and saved it and now everything worked properly.
Thank you for your help.