Wifi bug with usb wifi and disabled buitt in wifi (rpi)

hello, i have a usb wifi card which works fine. problem is when i disable my built in wifi in
/boot/userconfig.txt with dtoverlay=disable-wifi volumio os interface sees wifi as disabled, you have to put in cable and enable it, then usb wifi works until next reboot.

This is reproduceable.

no one? how do i disable built in wifi on my rpi5 then?

In Network Settings

on the Raspberry Pi 5, the string to add to userconfig.txt for disabling the onboard WiFi module is the following one:



that will indeed disable rpi5 wifi, but after reboot there will no wifi at all until you actively enable wifi again like on @SimonE screenshot, THUS you cant disable built in wifi if you use volumio headless and want to reboot from time to time… this is a bug.
What I want is my usb wifi to be the only active wifi.

  1. keep WiFi active on the network settings page
  2. add the string on userconfig.txt, to disable onboard WiFi
  3. connect your usb dongle
  4. reboot

thanks for replying but that wont work. the wifi will automaticly disable If I disable built in wifi on userconfig.

If I plug in a cable and enable WIFI in the settings page, it will work until next reboot.

that’s strange, could you please try with a factory reset?

the install is just a couple of weeks old, an I havent changed anything except installing spotify connect plugin and built my libary. but ok…

factory reset did not change anything, issue remains

i can also reproduce this on a second rpi5

so not possible?