Wifi and Bluetooth not working on Asus Tinker board R2.0

Hi all,

I purchased an Asus Tinker board R2.0 (non emmc variant) and installed Volumio V3.301 and later upgraded to V3.324. In both cases I couldn’t get Wifi or Bluetooth to work. LAN works fine. Is anyone else facing this issue?

R2.0 is currently not supported and afaik there is no plan to change that.
It would need changes to the kernel and build process.

Oops! That’s really sad. Considering that Asus lists Volumio as a partner and Volumio has tinker board S support as well, the Volumio OS should be supported on commonly available models, maybe as something available for paid subscribers at least.

It’s not just building the image, kernel patching etc, it also needs support. There are 3 platforms to choose from.
Stating it should support all common models is a bit challenging, like stating that Mercedes should support all common cars.

I have to back Volumio here, they support exactly (no less, no more than) the boards mentioned on their mainpage. Tinkerboard R2.0 is not one of them and not compatible with Tinkerboard S.
I guess, that unless Asus sponsors this, Tinkerboard R2.0 would be something for a community developer, who will also commit to support his work. Volumio has been very open to community dev efforts so far and is known to help with dev questions up to a certain level.
(I have always been very satisified with that).
There is no obligation whatsoever for Volumio to support anything else than what they guarantee on their mainpage.