Wi-fi direct password not working

Ok, so I boot up my device and it displays the network “Volumio” however when I try to connect to it I’m advised the password is incorrect. I’ve tried both volumio2 and raspberry and neither are accepted. This is driving me a little nuts as I want to configure my device and install the Roon Bridge plugin.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Hi Matthew,

Volumio is inherently a headless system that you don’t need to log in to at all. You would normally access it through a browser on your device of choice. If you can see a login prompt, then you must have a display attached. To use this with the Volumio UI , you will need to install the display plugin.

So, back to the original problem. Try logging on to Volumio with http://volumio.local in a browser on your LAN. If that doesn’t work then you will need to find your Volumio device IP address from your router, or some other means.

Btw, please include device and Volumio version in help requests, it makes trouble-shooting much easier ;).

Yes, I was attempting to access it via the browser however to do that I needed to connect to the Wi-Fi. I also attempted via my router and neither was successful.

No matter, I changed to RoPieeeXL instead. It just works once an IP address was assigned by the router.