Why does the queue stop playing after a few items?

I’m on 2.526, but I have had this issue on several versions.

If I play an album, often it will stop after a few songs. Sometimes, it will happily play several albums without stopping, other times it will just play a song or two and then give up.

The items remain in the queue. If I hit Play again in the Playback view, the queue will resume - for a little while.

It only ever stops after a complete track, never in the middle of one. The music library is on a directly attached USB flash drive.

Is there a known cause or fix for this?

I’ve also experienced this while playing off a network drive – it’ll just stop somewhere seemingly random in the queue after a song finishes, and if I start playing will resume often flawlessly (other times, randomly stopping again).

Me too. Latest version of Volumio and HiFiBerry DAC Plus on a Pi B+ with the library on a USB stick and Ethernet networking.
Happened for the last few versions of Volumio.