Why does Moode Audio not detect my SAMBA or NFS while VOLUMIO is able to automatically detect

Why does Moode Audio not detect my SAMBA or NFS while VOLUMIO is able to automatically detect


I am not sure why Moode Audio does not connect to my NAS while VOLUMIO does connect with the same setting and credentials

For SMB:

For NFS:

Any help ?

Should this question not be for the Moode forum?


because Volumio rocks! :rofl:

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got it sorted.
Volumio is a Paid application.
I actually moved to Moode because it supports Squeezelite

Its also strange that Moode does not accept new registrations on the forum

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So does Volumio

Why spending time to talk and ask about what is good or bad in Moode here? :thinking:


Please don’t post inaccurate information.

Volumio is free, you can get more features with a subscription.
Volumio supports Squeezelite without paying.


Can you please send me the instructions to install squeezelite
I have been trying very hard by asking @Saiyato as well. But not had a reply.

Partially Free is the right term.

I your browser type: <volumioip>/dev
Enable test for plugins.

Go to plugins

Thank you @Wheaten
Back to Volumio. Thanks Moode
It Rocks !!!1

Yep it does.
And there is no need for indecent proposals vs Moode.
You should be very thankful for competitors.as we end users benefit from it.

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You’re still incorrect about “partially free”. If you want a free Volumio, then there it is, done. If you want to install plugins, then a simple email registration without any payments allows access to the Plugin Store. If you feel you would like some of the extra benefits of a paid subscription, then you are free or not to do so.

Actually, free is free, or how would @herculepirate explain the versions running in my garage and cellar where I never had to register or pay one penny for. With those, I do not need to login anywhere, but still listen to my NAS, use Spotify and Airplay, play webradio etc. and can upgrade to any new Volumio 3 version.

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Hard to say. Moode works fine for me. It doesn’t autodetect my SMB sources but it works for me with a url like xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/share. The Moode forum seems like the better place to ask this question. They’re very helpful.