Whoops! Slight problem

I thought quite a few people used volumio, but the stats on the main volumio page seem to indicate otherwise, ATM :slight_smile:

Ou yes …
Looks weird!

old news… it’s already fixed

From which browser\device are you browsing the website?

When working approx. 2 hours ago, the counter still shows “0”.
Now at home it works perfectly - “414847”
I always use the latest Google Chrome browser.
At work with Windows, at home with Ubuntu.

Yeah. The counter is meant to start on scroll down… But this does not seem to work reliably… So we will change it to start on on page load

Edge and Firefox consistently show “0”, even if I scroll (As another poster indicated). These are the only browser choices on my work laptop…

Chrome on my Mobile phone, initially shows “0” but does update when I scroll down page and return to the area where the counter appears.
I haven’t tried Chrome on my personal laptop…

I can now confirm that, with Chrome on my personal laptop, the counter operates correctly…

win10 Firefox 94   64bit OK
win10 Opera   80   64bit OK
win10 Chrome  95   64bit OK